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Drawbox Beer Dispenser
Drawbox Beer Dispenser - Keg Cart - Smoke Buttler

Drawbox Beer Dispenser - Keg Cart - Smoke Buttler

Dual flow cooling system.

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The Drawbox beer dispenser is a portable, attractive, Affordable self-contained beer dispensing unit. Dual flow cooling system assures ice cold beer every time .... with No Electricity Needed. The Drawbox beer dispenser system is specially created with a ribbed floor facility which makes the beer keg positioning as easy as 1-2-3 and keeps the beer kegs chilled to perfection. The Drawbox beer dispenser has a removable waste container with the capacity of 4 gallons, easy cleanup and designed for quick and easy keg changing. $1,795.00

Drawbox patent # 6010043
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Drawbox Beer Dispenser - Keg Cart - Smoke Buttler
This specially created ribbed tracking floor facilitates the ease of keg positioning. Promotes the cooling of kegs. Also is designed for constant removal of water drainage.
  • Standard color Black base with Granite appearing top. Custom coloring is available with proper lead time.

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